Friday, August 31, 2007

Blogs I am reading.

I have several blogs that I read daily. I thought I would list them out so you could see who I am reading.

First off, I use . It is a great way to subscribe to blogs. Keeps me from running all over the web to read these guys. This free program lists them all out and show any new posts that were made since the last time I checked.


Gary Lamb - Gary is getting it done in a smallish town in Georgia. I think his church is three years old and will be over 1000 soon.

Steven Furtick - This dude is crazy. 27 and started a church less than two years ago that is running 2500+

Tadd Grandstaff - Young dude that came from Gary's church to Burlington, NC. The town I just left. He is just getting his church started. He is going to tear it up in Burlington.

Vine Antonucci - Just started reading this guy. He offers some great insights.

Oak Leaf Church- The pastor Michael, has a rocking church in Georgia.

I have a few more that I read, but these guys seem to be getting it done as pastors. Most of them are young, 35 or under and God is using them in POWERFUL ways.

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