Thursday, August 9, 2007

Dumb Dog

If you haven't ever seen our dog, he is a beast. A giant schnauzer, he is probably 5' 8" tall when he stands on his back feet.

Heather and I are on a weight loss kick, diet, change of lifestyle, whatever you want to call it and she made some low-fat jalapeno poppers as a treat. We went out to talk with the neighbors last night and came in to discover the poppers were gone. Being the detective she is, my wife quickly asked me how many poppers I had eaten called our friends to see how many they had eaten and asked whether had I eaten all the remaining poppers that were left on the counter. Once she realized I wasn't lying, we knew Becker had eaten them. That mutt better have an iron gut, because there are two and a half fresh jalapeno peppers sitting in his belly. I gave him some Pepto last night and we are hoping for the best.

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