Thursday, August 9, 2007

Rowlett Special Event Application/Treatise

Ok, I talked to the Fire Marshall of Rowlett. Very nice guy. I wanted to make sure we were cool for our Sept. Family Day in the park. He said, just download the "Special Events Application" off the Fire Marshall website and turn it in. No Sweat, I thought. WRONG. This is a 15 page document that requires comprehensive "plans" for Facilities, Fire Protection, Food and Beverage Service, Emergency Medical Service, Parking, Police Protection, Promotion, Sanitation, and Emergency Services staffing plan.

Each one of those is a different "comprehensive plan" whatever that means. So I call the deputy Fire Marshall and leave a message. I was pleasantly surprised when she called me back this morning and was very helpful. She told me the application had changed and that it is now much more complicated than it had ever been before. I asked if we had to jump through all these hoops because we were doing the event at a city park. She said no and that if we ever did an event on our church property, we would have to do all of this each time.

The kicker is that all these different "comprehensive plans" are submitted to different directors within the city leadership. It is looking to me that we will do an event later this fall and not in Sept. I'm not convinced we could get everything approved in time to advertise for the event. Oct is sounding good for a harvest hoedown or something…

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