Thursday, September 13, 2007

Great News

I had lunch with Jack Powers yesterday, pastor of McKinney New Life Church and he blew me away with an offer. His church currently meets in a Historical Courthouse that has been transformed into a Performing Arts Center. Prior to meeting there, they met in a school. They have 16ft Dual Axle trailer that is not being used right now. He offered it to us to use as needed while we meet at Dorris Cullins- Lakepointe Elementary. How cool is that?

It is a huge blessing because it is going to save us a ton of stress, hassle, and work. We were going to have to rent a U-Haul trailer every week, load it up with stuff from a storage unit or my garage, unload it at the school, reload the stuff into the trailer after the service, unload it out of the trailer into my garage or a storage unit, and return the trailer to U-haul.

Now we will be able to load it up, unload it, reload it, and store the stuff in the trailer until the next service.

They also have some dividers that they used to create "rooms" at the school for the children's area. They are going to let us use these as well. This is a HUGE blessing as well because the dividers are one of the few things that we will not need when we move into our building early next year. It was an expense we were dreading.

God is good. He is providing for us and is using His people as agents of blessing.

Thank you McKinney New Life for your generosity to us.

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Unknown said...

Be careful where you leave the trailer. I work with an animal rescue group whose trailer was stolen from a Plano shopping center parking lot. According to the Plano police, trailers get stolen quite often. Might be worth investing in a trailer lock if you don't already have one. See the trailer locks at