Thursday, September 20, 2007

My Heart is Full...

This is the only phrase to describe what is going on inside of me. It goes back to a breakfast that Sprang and I had soon after we arrived with Doug the pastor of Cornerstone Rockwall.

He made a statement along the lines of, "If God is with you guys in this plant, he is going to provide for you."

This statement came after he had told us of his decision to decline any support from the church they were planting out of. It was protocol to give the elder's a list of things needed to get the plant going. Doug felt checked about asking for anything and trusted God to provide.

A couple of days later some people approached him about "making and investment in the kingdom" from an inheritance they received. They gave him a check for several thousand dollars.

Once they arrived in TX, a tow truck company they had never heard of, sent a check for $10,000.

After the breakfast, Sprang and I got in the car and I said, "Why don't we see more of that stuff in our (Nazarene) churches? I would love to see God do some God things in this plant of ours."

Well, God HAS done some God things in the last couple of weeks for us.

  1. He has provided a free 16ft trailer for us to use while we are meeting in the school.
  2. He has provided free barriers we can use in the children's area.
  3. He has provided 10 free folding tables. Thank you MD Bowers Inc. This was like someone handing us over $500.
  4. Sprang sent our "bulletin" type thing to a lady in California to print. He gets an email back from her saying that she grew up in a Nazarene church in Mississippi and is excited about the kind of church we are starting. Her gift to us: DONATING the first run of 500 to the church.
God has, is, and will be providing for us BIGTIME. It is exciting for me to see God doing God things before this church is fully off the ground.

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