Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Last Weekend

was awesome. Saturday we met at the church to set-up for our service the next day. Everyone showed up and we were done in just under three hours. Pretty good for our first time.

We grabbed lunch and got ready to set-up for our first community event. We secured a neighborhood park and put out about 2500 doorhangers advertising the event including a drawing for a Nintendo Wii. We grilled up some hotdogs, rented inflatables, grilled up some all beef hotdogs, pumped out some tunes, and hoped somebody would show up.

The event ran from 4:30-6:30 p.m. and at 4:40 it was still just our launch team manning their stations. Around 4:45 people started trickling in consistently. By the time it was said and done, we had 175 registered and over 200 in attendance. We had a ton of kids and young teens show up on bikes. It was awesome, bikes lying around everywhere.

They highlight was the drawing for the Nintendo Wii. I was so afraid that some two year old would get his name drawn and the Wii would go to some kid's dad. We drew the name and said the initials were K.B. There were a few people with those initials. This 14-15 yr old guy won it and had the most stunned look on his face. He was so surprised. He ran it home and then came back to play in the inflatable obstacle course. How awesome is that?

Sunday we did our first preview. We had everything set-up and hoped some people would show. We had five family groups outside of our launch team show up. I know that we all hoped there would be more, but I was NOT discouraged. We would love to have had one of those "150 people showed-up" days, but we now know that we CAN pull off a service. That means a lot. Everything came off without a hitch.

We are evaluating and already have plans to tighten up a few things for the next preview.

Heather and I have seen God's provision in ways that we never imagined. We have incredible confidence that we are supposed to be here building God's kingdom in Rowlett and the surrounding areas.

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