Friday, October 19, 2007

Texas State Fair

This is a cultural event. I am not sure what category of culture to put it in, but it is cultural nonetheless. We had a Corney Dog, not a corn dog, but a corney dog. At $4.00 it was pricey, but pretty good. Heather had a fried Snickers bar, probably the best treat of the day, while I stuck with a classic funnel cake. We also had a "tater basket", a spiral cut potato that is deep fried. I ate my fill of fried food today and my stomach felt it later on. Ughh!

We went through some exibits, watched a dog show, saw a bunch of animals, and had a big time. A big thanks to Heather's friend Xuan for hooking us up with tickets. It saved us like $30, which was nice considering I lost a $30 gift card to Target today. It was a good day with the fam. Keegan chilled like always and Addy was big enough to really take it in. We capped the day with a kiddie train ride and headed for the house.

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