Friday, November 30, 2007

Friday Afternoon Mind Dump

  • My Aunt and Uncle are in town for about a week. It has been awesome having them here. They have spoiled us and our kids which has been really nice. We have felt very special, sometimes we just need that feeling.
  • I feel like I need a film crew at my house as all kinds of painting and redecorating is going on. My aunt is crazy about interior decorating.
  • I bought an inversion table (early Christmas gift) from a lady on Craigslist Dallas and have been hanging like a bat in my bedroom. It has done wonders on my back already. Best $100 I have spent in years.
  • Been listening to a lot of podcasts lately, there are a ton of great preachers online these days.
  • Looking forward to being in Texarkana First this weekend. We are sharing vision with their church. Should be a good time.
  • The pastor of Pine Ridge Church, a church plant in Burlington, NC (the town we moved from) was interviewed by Tom Brokaw on Monday. That is so awesome for them.
  • Started reading a book call The Big Idea, by Dave Ferguson this week. Very good so far.
  • Gotta head home and paint this afternoon. I HATE painting. I always get it everywhere.

1 comment:

Brendan said...

sounds like you could use some help with painting, or maybe I'll just send Jerri-Beth since we know how good of a job she does. haha