Sunday, January 20, 2008

Ever Lost Something?

It seems like an everyday occurrence that I am misplacing keys, a phone, or my wallet. This usually does not bother me as I can usually track down the item within an hour of looking or a day or so if I just wait for it to turn up. This past Wednesday I was out to breakfast with a friend and we left the restaurant and went to a few different places. We met Jonathan at his place and then met Heather and the kids at Chickfila for lunch. Later that day I realized I could not find my wallet and knew that I had left it in Jonathan's car or house earlier that day. So I called him and asked him if he could look in his apartment and car and grab my wallet. He looked both places and couldn't find it anywhere. I began to think that maybe his dog ate it. That dog has eaten some CRAZY stuff in the past. Just ask Jonathan or Meagan, I mean CRAZY stuff. I then begin to think that it had been snagged out of my car because my buddy could not figure out how to actually lock his side of the car when he got out.

After a couple of days of no wallet I began to panic. I am checking the online banking and credit card to see if anything has been charged. NOTHING. I am assuming that it has not been stolen as someone would have purchased a plasma and some video gaming systems within two days of having my wallet. I tried not to think about it on Saturday but ended up calling the restaurants I ate lunch and dinner in that day. No, I don't usually eat out three meals in a day. But Brendai was in town and needed to experience Chiloso Breakfast tacos and he had never eaten at a steakhouse and is seventeen and we figured it was time he ate at a steakhouse so lighten up about me eating out three meals in a day. Ha. I did not call Chiloso because I knew I had my wallet at Sprang's place after breakfast that morning.

So this afternoon I am about ready to cancel my credit cards and admit defeat. This was going to be a hard defeat because I usually don't carry more than $20 in my wallet but had about $140 due to some Christmas cash still being unspent and thus still in the missing wallet. So just before I start looking for customer service numbers I called up Chiloso and asked if they had a wallet turned in earlier in the week. He said YES. I asked if it had an NC driver liscense? He said YES. The detective in me began to think they may actually have my wallet. He told me the owner had it and had gone to Vegas for the weekend and would be back Monday. For a brief second I thought for sure that all my money was probably being bet on a roulette table at that very moment. The took my cell number and called me back a few minutes later informing me that the wallet was actually at the store and I could pick it up anytime. I picked it up and yes made sure I left a generous tip for the worker who found it and turned it in with every single dollar still sitting safely in my wallet.

The moral to this story is that I just knew that I had that wallet in my possession after breakfast and was unwilling to even think about the possibility of having lost it that early in the day. How many of us are just so sure of this or that and just know that we are right about this or that and we end up living life having lost something important to us (relationships, friendships, etc..) because we were just so sure that we were right. Sometimes it is worth it to go back beyond the point where we know we are right in order to restore something to it's proper place in our lives.


Unknown said...

well said my friend

well said

Stan_in_Chattanooga said...

you were much more patient that i would have been in not canceling all cards.