Sunday, January 27, 2008

Our gods have drowned…

Occasionally I get in a rut where I watch a bunch of documentaries on the DOC channel. So I was switching between something on TLC about this lady with a gigantic leg and a documentary called Drowned Out. Basically it is about this gigantic dam that is being built by the Indian government that is wreaking havoc on hundreds of villages along a river. As the dam goes up so does the water level and it will eventually rise above the villages and destroy them completely. The government promises land if the villagers will move, but it is a hoax. The land really does not exist. The villagers decide to stay and drown instead of separate from their family. Now I don't know if they actually drowned or not because Heather started watching a show about teenage obesity.

BUT here is the deal. One of the main guys they kept interviewing began talking about their gods. He said that the gods used to live in their village and that people would come from miles around to seek help from the gods. He was saying that their gods lived in the rocks and the trees but the water had risen and the rocks and the trees had been covered by the water and their gods had drown and were dead. Their gods had died. How depressing to think about your god drowning.

I guess I can relate to them for just a second because the God I serve was "crucified, died, and was buried and descended into hell" but that is where the similarities end. Because, "on the third day he rose again from the dead …"

It is the one thing that sets Christianity apart from all the other belief systems in the world. Their gods have never have and never will conquer death and our God is alive and still changing lives today. There is no storm or dam in the world that can drown my God and I am grateful for it.

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