Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Problem in the Making

I think I have a problem in the making. My daughter Addy loves to play disc golf with me. I have taken her with me since she was about 5 months old. I would throw her in the stroller and when she was younger she would fall asleep for most of the round. As she got older she would get out of the stroller and find sticks, leaves, and rocks. Now, she has her own little set of princess discs and loves to throw them off the tee. She gets all fired up when I ask her if she wants to go. It may have more to do with the Slurpee we often get than the disc golf, but she digs being out there.

The problem is that I have never taken Keegan. This past Summer and Fall my back was so out of sorts that I really did not play much. Besides, the Summer and Fall here are crazy hot and humid and I feared a pack of mosquitoes would carry him off to the boondocks of Texas. The bigger problem is that Addy thinks that disc golf is just for the two of us. I have asked her several times how she feels about me taking Keegan disc golfing and it is never a popular idea.

It may not be a problem for the next 40 days anyway. I am CONSIDERING giving up disc golf for Lent. Sounds crazy to some of you I know and I am not committing to it, but I am CONSIDERING it. Maybe I could use the next month and a half to save some funds for a double jogging stroller. That may be the solution to this problem in the making.

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