Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What can brown do for you?

Well I must say that the boys and girls in brown (UPS) are very efficient. Our books we are using for Lent were supposed to be delivered yesterday. I am convinced that I am the absolute last house in this dude's route. Many times my boxes arrive after the sun has set. So, we had the tracking number and kept waiting for the books. We knew they were out of the hub for delivery. My address is 7402 and the books were sent to 7502. Anyway, the kind family that lives at 7502 was not interested in 100 devotional books and denied the delivery and returned them to the sender. So, that very evening (last night) I call ups and they tell me that only the sender can "intercept" the books for me. The sender called and waited on hold for an hour, until after midnight, hung up and called back only to be told that the call center was now closed. Call back in the morning.

Long story short is that you can't intercept something that has been returned to sender. They don't do all the fancy scanning stuff on those packages. We are basically jacked. The problem is that UPS it too efficient. They had the books on a truck out of town 90 minutes after they were denied by the recipient at 5:30 p.m. last night. That is what brown can do for you.

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