Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Last week my wife, Heather, felt impressed to do a one day fast. No food, sun-up until sun-down. Honestly, I didn't really think she would do it. Well she did it and proceeded to do what many women do. She invited a bunch of people to join her. I never responded to the email invitation because an entire day without food was not on my to-do list anytime in say, the next 6 months or so. So today I am fasting until the sun-sets. It is actually very cloudy here and technically I can't see the sun, so I have been tempted to grab a little snack, but I will remain strong. I wish this impulse would have hit her when the sun was setting at 5:00 p.m. instead of 7:30 or later.

Honestly, I am very hungry now. It is coming up on lunch time and my stomach is rolling and my head is starting to hurt. Lots of water and maybe a diet Coke or two is the menu of the day for me.

I spent some extended time with Scripture this morning and in speaking and listening to God. Nothing earth shattering to this point, just a sense that each time I am hungry or hurting, I know the God who cares for me and he is good.

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