Sunday, March 30, 2008

Great Day

Quick hits about my day:

  • Got up and went over sermon a couple of times.
  • Ate a Subway Melt for Lunch
  • Went to the church to set-up at 12:45.
  • Music rocked at church today.
  • I was rocking a new mic today, huge improvement over the ole aerobics headset thing I was wearing.
  • Message felt ok, not as tight as I wanted it.
  • Crowd was small, but we are seeing guests consistently. Lots of people gone today.
  • We could be at 50+ next week. That would be awesome.
  • Heather cooked a pot roast that we ate for supper. I would put her pot roast against any in the world. Always hits the spot.
  • Keegan and Heather went down for a nap and Addy and I took the bike and bike trailer out for a tour of playgrounds. We seriously have like 10-15 playgrounds within 2-3 miles of our house. We hit one up that is maybe 3 miles away and another on the way home. The second one has a duck pond and there was a kid that shared his Ritz crackers with us to feed the ducks. Addy actually fed one right out of her hand.
  • I am pooped and will sleep well tonight.

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