Monday, March 3, 2008

My wife is a trip

Last Friday Heather was wanting to go to IKEA. I like Ikea but it is quite a trek and I knew it would be a late night for the kidos. Any way it was leap day and the store had 29 items for $29. Most were normally priced from $39-$69 and there were some good deals to be had. We were walking past a daybed display that was one of the sale items. It was normally $99 but was obviously on sale for $29. We decided we would get one and put it away for Addy when Keegan transitions out of a crib. Her bed will be great for him and the Ikea bed would be great for her.

So we are loading up the cart thing and I casually said, we should buy two or three and try to sell them on Craigslist to pay for Addy's. So I told her to sell them for $45 and if we sold them we would have a free bed. She lists the beds for $70 and we actually sold one for $60 last night. She had some more emails this morning. So it looks like we will get a bed and some extra cash as well. I love this country.

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HeatherLow said...

I guess your cheapness is rubbing off on me and I know I need to make some scoots where I can. $60 is still a great deal for that bed...they didn't have to drive to Frisco or pay tax.