Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I went to a meeting yesterday with a bunch of fellow pastors from Rowlett. Kason Huddleston has done an incredible job of bringing together pastors of differing style and even ethnicity. Imagine that. We continue to focus on "unity in the midst of diversity." We are working on a prayer event for May 1st. It is the National Day of prayer and we are working to put together a 90 minute service that will focus our people in prayer. It is a blast getting together with these guys/gal each month to bring unity among believers in Rowlett. It is truly a remarkable group.

Our worship/arts pastor, Jonathan, is helping put this service together and our band will be leading a few worship songs on the front end of things that night. Here is the thing that scares me about that. People are going see what it looks like to have someone that is crazier than a rabid raccoon lead them into the presence of God through worship. I'm serious; Sprang is a maniac and more passionate when worshiping than anyone else I know. He is a lead worshiper, not a worship leader. There is a difference. He doesn't put on a show, he simply worships in front of us. Sometimes it means that his eyes are closed and he screws the words up (not as much lately, lol) but he is authentically worshiping. I will take that over someone with a pitch perfect trained voice that never sings a wrong verse. My fear is that people will try to hire this dude away for Catalyst. It helps to know that he is sold out to the vision of Catalyst and what God wants to do here in Rowlett.

I appreciate Sprang more than he knows. I feel like we will do ministry together for a long time. God is blessing the arts side of things with incredible musicians and creativity that is remarkable for a church that is still in the birthing process.

I will give a plug for Sprang's design stuff. He has a blog here with a few of the things he has created so far. I think he has yet to post some of his best creations. He can do logos, post-card design, door-hangers, and business cards. Whatever. Hit him up if you need someone to do quality work at a reasonable price.

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