Friday, April 4, 2008

Butterflies among us…

A good friend of ours from North Carolina sent Addy a butterfly kit. You get a little cup with 6 tiny caterpillars in it and a poster with instructions on what to do. Basically there is food in the bottom of the cup or perhaps it is steroids because these things grow like weeds. In about a week you have 6 full grown caterpillars crawling around in the cup. Then they attach to the paper top of the cup and hang like bats. The cocoon forms and then you wait for the big day.

Heather has been really into these butterflies with Addy and was all excited about seeing one emerge from the cocoon. We'll this morning one emerged and we all missed it, then Heather had to go to the airport to pick up a friend from college. Five of the six have come out of the cocoons today and Heather missed them ALL. I got to see two of them and I'll have to admit that it was pretty cool. I took some video and will try to load it later.

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