Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Out of Shape Dog!

So this morning, i got up and decided to take the pooch, our Giant Schnauzer "Becker" for a WALK. A walk mind you, not a jog, not a run, not a brisk walk. Just a walk. This is video of my mutt at least 5 minutes after we got home. He came in the house, took about 20 steps and collapsed on the floor. He has many more walks ahead of him to remedy his "out of shapeness", maybe a month from now we will take video after the same walk and see if he has progressed.


norasdad said...

"Out of shape." Whose fault is that? The person is responsible for the dog, including his health.

Take better care of your dog. I guess you plan to, if he's going to have "many more walks." But remember -you're not punishing him for being out of shape, you're beginning to take responsibility for his welfare.

Start easy, and build up gradually. Good for you, too.

Levi said...

Agreed! Becker used to be an "outside" dog and ran around the backyard with another little mutt we had. He never had stamina issues on walks in NC. When we moved to Rowlett he became an inside dog because of the heat and him being solid black.

We will take him on shorter walks to build his stamina back up and hopefully he will be in top shape in no time.

Now to figure out who lawrence is...

HeatherLow said...

Awh, Levi...Lawrence was a little hard on you. No worries, Becker is definitely not too bad out of shape. This heat would get to the best hound :)