Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sunday Night Mind Dump...

  • Got up early to go over the message one last time and felt horrible about it. Prayed that God would honor the time put into the sermon and provide some help.
  • God helped big time during the sermon.
  • Music was groovin' today. Sprang and the band went unplugged and it sounded great. The coolest part was watching Jono wail on an acoustic guitar and Ryan only use one tom drum the entire morning.
  • My wife can sing like crazy.
  • Had a cool kid ask if we could come to his school and have the band play. That is the biggest compliment we have ever gotten on our music. This is also part of the reason that we keep our school age children in the main worship area during the music. We believe that they can dig the music with the rest of us. We will have them in the service until we become large enough that it is a logistics or safety issue to try and move all the kids to another part of the building.
  • We participated in communion and it was cool. I could tell it was the first time some people had seen the intinction method. Dipping the bread in the juice, it was cool.
  • Good vibes overall at church today. Loved it. Starting to get into the groove of doing this every week. It's a blast.
  • Walked home from church today. It is less than a mile to my house and it was a beautiful day. We had a bunch of junk in the cars and too many people for the amount of seats we had. It was cool to make a couple of phone calls while strolling to the house.
  • Addy is loving the swingset that Jeremy and his family gave us last fall. She loves to be pushed in the swing and we ended up doing that for a while this afternoon. I love that girl.
  • Heather's college buddy Jenifer "Wyatt" Neeley has been in town this weekend. I worked with her a few years ago at Trevecca. Always good to see Wyatt.
  • I ate some Dill Pickle popcorn this afternoon from Popcorn Papa and it was really good.
  • Ate at Springcreek Barbeque tonight. I love that place.
  • Heather and the kids are going to Florida to see her parents this week. They are doing the Disney World thing and I won't be there with them. I am bummed about that. Being so far from family is the toughest thing about being in TX.
  • Gotta carve out some time this week to do taxes. I am dreading it big time. Ughhh.

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[b]rad said...

Hey brother! If you need someone to hang with while the wife and kids are away, give me a call.