Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sunday Recap (in no particular order)

  • Stayed up way too late Saturday night. We were having a great time with a couple of new friends and lost track of time. Actually, it was a ton of fun and reminded me of what life was like before kids. I love my kids and wouldn't change a thing about my life, but the predictability of our schedule gets old sometimes. It was fun to switch it up this weekend. The kids slept in until after I woke up and church doesn't start until 2:00 p.m., so it was ALL GOOD!
  • Sprang and the gang (worship band) were "unplugged" today. It was so cool. I love the fact that we can switch it up and still do quality worship. The truth is that a simpler set-up may be more ideal in our current setting, but I can't give up the Jono licks on guitar and our drumming phenom Ryan on a weekly basis.
  • My wife can freakin' sing. I don't think she has a clue how pure her voice is and she acts all funny when you compliment her. Beats an arrogant singer all to pieces.
  • Sprang, Brad, and I met some super cool Baristas (coffee people at Starbucks) and the conversation led itself to Catalyst. One of the coffee gang showed up at church today. SUPER COOL! If you read this, we were so honored to have you with us today.
  • Sometimes I feel better about messages than others. I felt good about today's message. I felt it was clear and concise and that we left with the image of what the scripture was teaching. God always helps me, and I feel he gave me some neat images to use with the text today.
  • We have had six straight weeks of first time guests. I can't tell you how I excited I get when new folks come to check us out. It does my heart good.
  • In the intro of the sermon I challenged our people to share a 60 second story of how someone had helped them or "come along side" them during a difficult period of life. It was great to hear the stories of how people had been helped by others during a difficult time of life.
  • The program we used to record the sermon did something crazy. It recorded in 12 second clips. So there are like 100+ files we have to splice together to make the podcast this week.
  • My kids get wiped out on Sundays. It completely screws up our routine.
  • We ate J. Miguel fajitas with a fun lunch bunch today. Jeff and Sue, it was great getting to know you guys better. Tim and Pam, I appreciate you more than you know. Brad and Shelley, you guys are jacked up, lol.
  • We watched four year old twins and a 17 month old tonight along with our kids. It was NUTS! Our friends, Juan and Xuan watched our kids on Friday and we returned the favor tonight. Beats paying a babysitter.
  • I am starting to get incredibly excited and nervous about what God is about to do in Rowlett through Catalyst Church. I think God may have something crazy up his sleeve and I get to be a part of it. I feel that if we can stay out of God's way, something incredible is coming.
  • I am pooped and heading to bed. Meeting some pastor's at 6:00 and am fired up about it.


[b]rad said...

Sorry for keeping you up past your bed time. Oh, and it's've been warned.

Levi said...

Dude, it says ShellEy, what are you talking about? I love the edit button!

Levi said...

We are the ones jacked up or maybe they're just jacked up because they like to hang with us. You guys do like to hang out with us. Remember, conspiracy theorist.