Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Recap

  • Great Day
  • Music was niice and loud. Just like we like it. Good mix and not too loud.
  • The band played "Message in a bottle" by The Police and nailed it. You could tell people were digging it. If you missed it, I think we are doing it again either this week or the week after.
  • Felt good about the message, could have landed the plane a little better, but felt it was ok.
  • I left my lapel mic at the house and had to wear the aerobics instruction headset mic again. I feel like an absolute dufus when I wear that thing, but it worked for today.
  • I came home and found my lapel mic in 30 seconds. It was crazy because I only live a mile from the church and ran home 45 minutes prior to the service and couldn't find it before.
  • Had new guests and many return guests in the service.
  • Good vibe from lots of people today.
  • Had 53 people at church. That felt great. We want to break 100 in the next 16 weeks. Two months ago, I would have thought it could never happen. Now, I think it could happen sooner.
  • We announced a "Cuatro de Mayo" party that will be held of course on May 4th. We will grill fajitas and just chill. Free t-shirts will be given to everyone that comes. I am looking forward to that
  • Heather and I went out with our friends Juan and Xuan for dinner at Glorias at the Harbour in Rockwall. It was Xuan's birthday and their anniversary. We always have plenty of laughs when we are with them. Good times tonight, and hopefully many more to come.

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