Saturday, April 5, 2008

Wanna Great Job?

You want a great job. Pays Cash. Hours aren't bad. The only drawback is that you are often thought to be the dumbest person in the place. Many people think you suffer from temporary blindness and you will need to get used to people yelling and shouting at you about your inability to do anything right.

You will also need to endure people yelling and screaming about rules of which they have no comprehension or understanding. If this appeals to you, join me in becoming a certified Grade 8 soccer referee.

As you can tell, it was not a good day at the soccer fields. For a moment I thought about quitting reffing in Rowlett and only reffing in other city leagues. I fear the day that some bozo comes to the church and hates my guts before I ever say anything from the front of the church. I think I will stick with it for a while, but I have an incredibly hard time with adults acting like children when they are supposed to be coaching kids. I may start a company that stages mock soccer games so I can pause the game and explain rules to parents. The problem is the parents and coaches see no need for such a company because they look forward to their weekly dose of scream thearpy at the local soccer fields. Please don't ever be one of "those" parents.

Rant over

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