Thursday, May 29, 2008

Been a Blogging Slacker

It has been a crazy week, here is a quick recap:

  • Sunday we set an attendance record. Our lowest ever. It had to happen. Everyone left town it seemed for Memorial Day. We had a great service. Sprang played an acoustic set with three percussionist from Rockwall High School. If you weren't there, you missed out!
  • Monday was a slack day. I was off for Memorial Day and it made the week short. We went to a friend's house for lunch and had a great brisket. Thanks Janet. Janet also has a cat. I am allergic to cats. My throat started itching and my left eye almost swelled shut. This was the worst episode in a while. It took my eye two and a half days to return to normal. This has helped me create a new rule. If you have a cat, I feel obligated to stay in your home no more than one hour. It seriously messes me up. God did not mean for us to domesticate cats. He wanted us to eat them. I am half way kidding folks.
  • Every day this week has been busy with closing documents on our house in NC.
  • Tuesday Sprang and I helped another Pastor install a projection system, screen, ran wires over the drop ceiling, etc… It was fun to help them out. Bishop Miller E. Johnson is a super cool dude and he had us over for a revival service on Wednesday.
  • Wednesday was Sermon prep day. Got a lot done, but the library was packed with rug rats so I had to work at Starbucks. Met this guy and talked for about an hour. He looks nothing like that picture. He is doing some awesome stuff at his church. We will definitely stay connected. It is crazy how God keeps allowing us to bump into really neat pastors at coffee shops.
  • Wed. night was revival at New Life Fellowship Church. This is the church we helped install projection they day before. It is a black church and we felt honored to participate in the service. Sprang and the gang did a fantastic job leading worship. He asked me a month ago to talk for 5 minutes about going from ordinary faith to extraordinary faith. It was fun. They loved on us and participated during the music and amen'd me like I have never been amen'd before. I love that God has brought us together with this church. We hope to do more with them in the future.
  • Today was crazy with printing, signing, notarizing, mailing, faxing documents for the closing on our house in NC tomorrow.
  • Tonight I went before a panel of folks that determine the funding for our church. I was able to share for about 20 straight minutes of the amazing things God is doing in our church right now. It went very well. It felt more like a testimony time than a business meeting. Our district pastor, Rob McDonald, has set a great tone here in Dallas. He does a fantastic job of reminding us that God is at work and ministry is ministry not a business. There is a business side, but church work is not like secular work all the time.
  • Our new dog, Allie, has blended in well to the Lowry family. She and Becker actually play together now. It is fun to watch them run around our house. She is so fast that Becker never can catch her.
  • Met some friends for BBQ at Spring Creek BBQ for dinner.
  • Looking forward to closing on our NC house tomorrow.
  • Sorry for being a slacker but it has been a crazy week.

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HeatherLow said...

wondered when you were going to post again....glad you're back:)