Friday, May 16, 2008

A Good Friday

Today was a cool day:
  • Sprang and I volunteered to work at the Field Day at Dorris Cullins Lakepointe Elementary School. We ran a game where one student was blindfolded while another classmate talked them through and obstacle course of cones and plastic bowling pins. It was cool to see the different kids partner up and lead each other. I would bang bowling pins and give loud directions to distract some of the older classes. They had a blast and so did we.
  • Met the one and only Jono for some mediocre Chinese food. Good to sit and talk about our "serve" component at church.
  • Gave the head a nice shave down.
  • Drove my car all day and the brakes did not squeal one time. Thanks B-Rad for the installing the new brake pads.
  • Met a pastor friend, Craig Schill, at the school where we worked the field day. We used that school for three preview services last Fall and now they are thinking about using it. They are losing their temporary facility due to the construction of the George Bush Tollway. We showed them how we used the facility while we were there and it looks like we may be able to loan them a few things we designed specifically for that school.
  • Called the home warranty company b/c our AC is NOT WORKING AGAIN (yes I am shouting). We just had it fixed in March. They thought they were going to punk me out of another $60 service fee. I made it very clear I had no intention of paying another cent to have this stupid issue fixed. I asked for a supervisor and guess what, I AM NOT paying another service fee.
  • We met our friend Rich at the Sprinkler Park in Rockwall and let the kids run around for about an hour. His kids called Keegan, "Baby Levi" It was awesome. One of his sons also asked Heather if she would be at Catalyst Sunday. It was neat to hear a kid say the name of our church and be excited about it. It was the first time I heard a kid say our church name out loud and i have to admit it was really neat for me. It was a beautiful night and a great way to end the day.

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