Tuesday, May 13, 2008

House Update

We have an offer on our house! We countered the offer and they accepted. WOO HOO! Everything is in rush mode right now. They are trying to get inspectors and appraisers to the home in the next couple of days so that we can close on June 30th.

It should feel great selling the home, but somehow losing thousands of dollars on something that is supposed to be the "best investment you will ever make" doesn't feel so great.

It is kind of sad selling the home too. Lots of good memories there:
  • Mine and Heather's first home.
  • Setting up Addy's nursery.
  • Hosting lots to teens in our house.
  • Small group every Tuesday night. I miss this group so much. Heather and I put up with so much ridicule from these guys, but I would love to reunite on a Tuesday in my old living room one more time.
  • Bringing Addy home from the hospital to our house.
  • Dad helping me fix stuff every time he came to visit.
  • Replacing a jeep motor in the garage one week before moving to TX.
  • Turning the nursery from Princess to Cowboy in preparation for the Keegster.
  • Bringing Keegan home.
  • Watching 24 with Brendai and Caitlin every Monday.
  • Good neighbors.
  • Worked at a great church while I lived there.
  • Heather began fulfilling her dream of being a stay-at-home mom in that house.
Of course, this list could blow up in my face, if something snags and the house doesn't sell. Heather will be mad that I even penned that last senence, but at this point I am ever the skeptic.

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Brendan said...

24 was great, even though we hardly ever watched the whole thing. ha. between caitlin talking on the phone, or putting the kids to bed, or studying for a test, or just talking. haha. those were some good times though