Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My house is HOT!

Our air went out last Friday or Saturday. The AC guy came out Monday and did not have the part for the fan motor. The motor is bad. My house HOT and they aren't coming to fix it until Thursday. Just in case you missed it, we have been setting records for high temps the last couple of days. Yesterday it hit 98 degrees. We have more fans blowing than a supermodel photo shoot. I can get Heather to stop posing in front of the fans, she loves the way they blow her hair. Ha, I made that up just to see if she reads this.


HeatherLow said...

Yeah, I do read your blog crazy....hello do I need to be your editor on your blog or is the heat sucking your brain power???
Love you:)

Chad Bowers said...

Man that's sorry, hope it gets fixed soon.

Anonymous said...

Very funny Levi...also loved Heathers comment! Thank God he gave you guys a good sense of humor.