Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Some Major Changes in our Sound

This post could last forever, but Sprang and the Gang worked with some new sound equipment last night that should help us dramatically improve the sound quality of our worship.

We understand that we play high energy music and sometimes it is very loud. I don't mind loud music, but I do want the music to sound GOOD. I want a good blend. I want our band to sound the best they possibly can.

We have had a problem controlling the stage sound. The band has speakers that face them (monitors) so they can hear themselves. Our worship space is small and the stage sound has been too loud for us to get the best possible mix.

So.... we will be replacing the speakers on the floor with headphones that plug into each of the band member's ears. It is an absolute God thing that we were able to purchase the system to make it happen. I won't tell the story here because it is sermon material.

End Result is that our music will sound BETTER than ever in a few weeks. There will be a learning curve for everyone involved to get used to the new system. The band gave excellent reviews after the first rehersal with the new system. SWEEEEEEEEEET!

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