Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday Recap

  • Great Day at Catalyst. Great vibe going on.
  • Had several regular folks gone and still had 50 people. Not bad for meeting on Sunday afternoon, in another church, with no advertising to speak of.
  • Had a family back that has been battling illness for a while, it was great to see the Penny's in church. They inspire me!
  • Spoke on Pentecost instead of Mother's day. No one tried to kill me for it. We honored our Mother's with a gift and special prayer, but we worshiped the One worthy of our worship.
  • Ate at Gehngis Grill yesterday, I love that place.
  • We honored Heather in our home yesterday, she got flowers, cards, a special craft we made with Addy and Keegan's handprints, and a massage. She is a great mom and does a wonderful job managing our home.
  • I was so tired last night and so were our kids. Sunday's wipe us out.

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