Friday, May 23, 2008

Update on Life

  • I figured out why all the people in the old timey pictures look hacked off all the time. They had to live without air conditioning. Nothing in the world could bring a smile to their face in the sweltering heat. Their faces closely resembled the faces of our family these last 5 days in the heat.
  • We now have AC in our house. They came back and replaced the fan motor around 3:30 yesterday afternoon. It is a good thing, we were literally sweating just sitting in our house.
  • I figured out that my family gets cranky the hotter it gets. The kids did better than Heather and me. We were pretty irritable by yesterday afternoon.
  • Heather is hellbent on getting a small dog. We may have a new addition to the family this afternoon. I told her that if we get the dog and Becker doesn't like it, we will rehome it. I am not really into another dog, but it gives me leverage when it comes to taking care of the new mutt. I can always tell Heather that it is "her" dog.
  • Looking forward to church this weekend. Sprang is doing something really cool with the music. Heather is singing one of my favorite new hymns at the end, we are celebrating communion, it should be a great day.
  • Heather's birthday is next Tuesday. She will add another year to her "thirty-ness"
  • House in NC is still on schedule to close next Friday. That will be a great day.

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Unknown said...

dude the dad looks like mark byers!