Sunday, June 29, 2008

Addy's First Date!

Well Addy is getting older, 3 1/2 years now, and we thought it was appropriate that she begin dating. So I took her on a date yesterday. Just her and I. I took her to Sonic for one of her favorite meals, a corndog. It is one of the few things that she will eat all gone. After waiting 17 minutes for our food, we were off to the movie. We were late, but so was the movie.

Addy nearly had a meltdown as we were walking into the theater. She is very apprehensive of dark or "scary" places. She kept saying, "let's go home daddy, let's go home." I picked her up and assured her we would be alright. When we got in and they were still playing previews we agreed we needed snacks. So we got a small coke, small icee, and a small popcorn and it set us back $7.50.

Kung Fu Panda was the movie she chose and she enjoyed it for the most part. There were a few "scary" parts that she couldn't bear to see, but she sat on my lap and gave me lots of good hugs and kisses. I should have warned her that no kisses shall ever be given in a dark theater. That will be another lesson for another day.

When the movie was over she wanted another slurpee, so we went to quick trip and she got another slurpee and some laughy taffy. It was a great time and she has already asked for a second date. I am truly a lucky man.

This is us in our seat at the movie.

Addy and I outside the theater

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