Saturday, June 21, 2008

End of Week Thoughts

  • Youth Camp is a ton of fun when you are not responsible for any teens.
  • I have never been more proud of our band. Sprang and the gang were off the hook this week. I will never let him do this type thing outside our denomination because someone will offer this kid six figures. Just kidding about the not letting him do it part.
  • Fusion sold 77 t-shirts and kids were asking for cds. They were invited to play an event in August because a lot of the same kids will attend that event and they will remember the songs and band from camp.
  • Our band was signing the t-shirts the teens bought. I think it is funny that the teens thought our church worship band is a touring worship band. (They were THAT good)
  • Our church needs to get to 200 in morning worship as soon as possible. I say this because of the energy that is in a room of 200 people. Much different vibe than a room with 40-70 people.
  • Our church needs to outgrow the building we are currently constructing in the next 2 years. Our band thrives on a bigger stage in a bigger room. Our music style needs to be "felt" not just "heard". It is hard to do that in a little room without making people mad.
  • Ryan Moriarty is a stud on drums. The cool thing about Ryan is that he is the most humble kid you will ever find. Not an arrogant bone in his body, God can use a kid like that in a big way.
  • Ryan Moriarty is a stud @ Guitar Hero. Holy crap, this kid played the hardest song at the expert level and finished it. It was the craziest display of Guitar Hero Skills I have ever seen.
  • Brad (bass) & Steve (keys) were toast at the end of the week. Brad especially was a walking Zombie by Thursday. They both have a new appreciation for folks who work with youth.
  • The food was outstanding at camp this week. The last night they wheeled out the largest ice cream Sunday I have ever seen. I think they used 20+ gallons of ice cream on that beast. They kids ran across the room, took pictures and gave the kitchen staff a standing ovation.
  • I had a lot of fun teaching a "discipleship experience" this week. More teens attended than I had anticipated, some seemed to connect with the stuff pretty well.
  • I want to go to camp every year, but here is the deal. I saw a ton of pastors that were at camp because nobody else in their church loves teens enough to spend a week at camp with them. I want to go, but not because the folks in our church don't give a rip about our teens. I want to go, hangout, pray, hug, play, chill, and worship with our teens because I want to be there, not because I HAVE to be there. I don't forsee our church having this problem.

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