Friday, June 13, 2008

Just Call Me Kryptonite!

It is official. If you don't want a car repair, don't let me near your car. However, I am booking appointments to sit on the bumper of your fiercest enemy for a $50 service fee. Here is why:
  • Two weeks ago, I was driving our van when the transmission blew, to the tune of a $3100 repair. Yee Yaw
  • The Bloomer's, great people, let us borrow their Nissan Murano. Maybe 2 or 3 years old. It won't start. After some investigation, we found the battery had a bad cell. Once again while the Lowry's had the vehicle.
  • Yesterday, my buddy Andrew picks me up in his sweet 1990 truck and we stop at 7-11. He shuts it down because that sucker drinks fuel like crazy. We start it back up and there is smoke coming out from the firewall. A wire had shorted in the ignition system and was about to catch fire.
The common denominator in all these vehicles is that I had been in all of them within 12 hours of their breaking down. So I am currently scheduling appointments at $50 a shot to take out your enemy's car.

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