Tuesday, June 3, 2008


It is amazing what a little time will do with your perspective. It changes the way you look at things.

This weekend, when all hell broke loose in the Lowry family, I was in panic mode. It was 3 hours before I was to preach, my car was broken-down on the side of the road and my daughter was in the ER with a head wound.

I called Sprang and told him that it would be good if he could do a couple of extra songs. I didn't know how I was going to preach anything of substance with my state of mind.

Just a couple of hours later I realized that the message was already done and was in my heart. I would be cheating God's people from hearing His voice if I looked at what I could do in my strength. God helped me big time to deliver His message clearly and with passion. I think it connected with a lot of people.

Two days removed from the accident I realize how much worse things could have been. My daughter could still be in the hospital, there could have been surgeries needed, the bite could have been on her face, or hit an eye. In the moment, I thought this was the worst thing that could have happened, but now I realize that God was protecting my little girl even though she was still hurt.

My car was broken down, and conveniently, it broke down within a block of the hospital. I had forgotten my cell phone and just "happened" to call from the donut shop as she was loading Addy in the truck to come to the hospital. I literally walked to the hospital and beat the truck there. At the time I was angry that my car was stalled on the side of the road. Now, I am grateful that it stalled where it did. I could have been stranded and not able to hold my little girl when she needed her daddy. I see all the little things that could have happened but didn't.

Here is a summary of my life:

I have a wife that I love very much, a daughter that is bouncing around the house as if nothing happened, a son that has no idea Sunday wasn't normal, great neighbors who stepped up for us, and a church family that loves us more than we understand.

Its all a matter of perspective

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