Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Summary

This will be a quick hit summary of the day. It has been quite a day to say the least. I have tried not to be too graphic in the medical details of things, but if you have a real problem reading about medical type stuff, you may want to skip this post. I may post pictures of the staples later but only if I can post them as a link as not gross out those with a weak stomach.

  • Up at 7:00 a.m. to buy ice and drop off 200 bottles of water at a disc golf tourney.
  • Drop them off and head home.
  • Car dies at redlight around 8:30 about a mile and a half away from my house.
  • Go to donut shop to buy donut and use phone to ask heather to get the car towed because like an idiot, I left the house without my cell phone.
  • Wait for 45 minutes.
  • Back to the donut shop for another phone call.
  • Call Heather, she is frantic and tells me she is taking Addy to the ER for stitches.
  • My car happened to break down one block from the hospital so I walk to it an beat her there.
  • I borrow a cellphone from a dude in the waiting area and find out that addy got in between the dogs when they were playing.
  • I meet Heather and our neighbor Robin (a gift from God) at the front door of the ER
  • There was more blood on my wife and daughter than I ever could have imagined.
  • I held my baby girl and told her that everything would be ok, her daddy was here and would make sure she was ok.
  • I barged through a door where processing was supposed to be happening with my screaming girl in my hand and demanded, "Who in here is going to help us?!"
  • We were quickly whisked to a room where a Dr. Lowry looked at Addy for the first time.
  • I knew it was bad by the look on his face. A grimace of sorts.
  • They gave Addy some happy medicine that made her appear drunk. It was good comic relief to see her acting so silly.
  • They placed topical anesthetic on the "two" gashes and wrapped her head like a mummy. She was not fond of this procedure. Meaning lots of wailing, screaming, crying.
  • We exused Heather anytime they came in to do anything to her. She went to the "restroom" anytime they did the painful stuff to our little girl.
  • Somewhere in here our friends the Bloomers showed up. They love our little Addy and came to support us. He used his triple A service to get the car towed to the house. It was huge help to us.
  • After 30 minutes or so, they came in and we had to wrap a sheet around Addy to hold her arms in and we laid her on her stomach on the table. This was the hardest part for me as her Dad.
  • She was going ballistic on the table and we had to hold her down. She kept yelling, "Why is everyone sqarshing me?"
  • They had to put this cold cleansing liquid on each wound, they squirted it in there to clean it out real good and keep infection from setting in.
  • I was right there telling her how much I loved her and how brave she was and that it was almost over.
  • They did the small one first and it took 4 staples.
  • I had a lot of emotions as I watched the doctors place a stapler on the head of my child and pull the trigger to shoot them in there.
  • Then the second one, a large wound, very large actually. 17 staples in that one and we are "done".
  • As we are cleaning her hair the nurse finds a third wound needing staples. This one had no topical anistetic because we did not see it before. I can't blame anyone for this because we looked all over her head and only saw the two wounds.
  • Basically he had to pop 5 quick staples in and she had nothing to help the pain. Needless to say this was the hardest set of staples for her.
  • They monitored her for 30 minutes and sent us home.
  • I had to preach in less than 2 hours and hop in the shower when we get home.
  • Heather barges in and tells me that Animal Control is there to file a report. You have to file a report when an animal bite results in a hospital visit. Who knew?
  • I head to the church and ask Pastor Kurt Horting, the lead pastor of Stillwater Community Church to pray with me. I love that guy and it helped settle my nerves.
  • I was honest with the church about the events of the day. Gave God praise for the sale of the house and shared that my nerves were frazzled too. I'm no superhuman, just a regular guy that God picked to be a Pastor.
  • We worshipped and God helped me teach the passage with passion and honesty.
  • We were overwhelmed with love from the people of our church. They came to the house with food, flowers, balloons, and a very generous collection of money. It is truly overwhelming to feel so loved and honored.
  • I ran a few errands with my friend Andrew this afternoon and headed back to the house.
  • Ate a couple of pieces of pizza and chilled with the fam.

I am incredibly grateful to serve a good God, a God that loves my kids more than I do. I can't comprehend a love like that, but I know he does. I taught from Matthew 7:21-29 where Jesus talks about foundations.

I declared it this morning and I do it again here. The foundation of our home is set on Jesus Christ. The rain may come, the wind may blow, but we aren't going to crash. No shifting sand for us. Our foundation is solid. We expect the difficult, we expect tough times, we expect to join in the "fellowship of suffering". He has not promised and easy road, only that he will be there with as we journey with Him.

God has given us a vision for this city and we will see it through.


Anonymous said...

You & your family are in our prayers.

I love you.


Anonymous said...

What a day you all had. Becker has been such a loving and sweet dog with the kids it had to be a freak accident. Talked to Addy today and she has such an amazing and loving spirit. She loves Becker and is so forgiving. Oh, to have the generous and loving heart of a child, the message God can teach us thru this child.Nothing is harder than seeing our child bleeding, frightened and in pain. How hard it must have been for our God to see his son suffer.Levi, your blog is refreshingly real. I think many people can relate to a Pastor who lives and struggles with life the same as all of us. As you trust God to bring you thru the difficult times and give Him credit when He does is an example and a help to others. I have never been more proud of you and Heather as you build not just a church, but relationships with others, for the people are the church.We are so greatful that Addy is going to be ok.Oh, and congrats on selling the house in North Carolina!!! Praise God for answered prayer!