Monday, June 23, 2008


  • I got up and went to a 9:00 service at Chase Oaks Church in Plano. Sprang and I met the worship leader a month or so ago and I wanted to see what was up. Very good worship, just confirmed that our band is on par with about anything out there. I am not nocking the band at Chase Oaks because they are great, but our band could fill in without a drop in quality.
  • We continued the One Prayer series. Perry Noble was awesome. He was part comedian, part preacher. Our people were laughing out loud at this guy.
  • He had some funny quotes. "I like big biscuits and I cannot lie." "Awwww Shoooooot." "Better keep that fork" just to name a few.
  • Sprang did a great job with worship especially since his voice was shot the day before.
  • Our bulletins look sweet with the One Prayer logo across the front.
  • We need more people for the sole purpose of energy. It is so much easier to feel comfortable in a room with a few more people. I encourage you to invite friends. I hesitate to do this for fear that you think all I am interested in is more butts in the pew. That is not it. We need to have at least 60 people in that room before people will not freak out when they walk in. We all love to blend in when we are in an unfamiliar situation. Kind of hard to do that at Catlayst right now. Just being honest folks.
  • I have had this feeling that the One Prayer preachers are setting a high bar for me to come back to, but I am pumped about preaching again. Three weeks off is an eternity. One more week and I am back in the saddle.
  • You guys will be getting some Sprang love in the next month or so. We are committed to letting him find his "preaching voice" . He can only do that if he gets to preach some. I will be leading worship the weeks he preaches. HA HA HA. Just kidding, that would be aweful, just aweful.

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