Monday, July 21, 2008

Addy Time

Last week was a crazy one. I worked every day and did not take a day or even a half-day off. I hate weeks like that. I invest time into my family and especially into my daughter, Addy.

This morning I carved out a couple of hours and took her to see Wall-e. I think we both thought the movie stunk. 30 minutes into it she asked me if it was almost over. We stuck it out, but I have no desire to see it again. We both enjoyed Kung Foo Panda much more. We did sneak candy into the theater by means of her purse. Seriously, $4.00 for a small drink or candy. Give me a break.

Tonight I took Addy to her swim lessons. She did great. It was fun to see her being so brave in the water. She had to put her face in the water and retrieve and egg from the teacher's hand, float on her back in the teacher's arms, jump off the side to the teacher, use a kickboard, and blow bubbles in the water.

She is getting so big so fast. She no longer looks like a baby or toddler, she is like a little person, a kid with a great sense of humor. I love my daughter and will make sure she gets the attention and affection she needs from her dad. We only get one chance to raise our kids and nobody is perfect, but I want to do the best I can to show them what it means to be a God honoring Father.

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Chad Bowers said...

My 3 loved Kung Fu Panda too!
I did too, shhhh.