Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fired Up!

I am fired up to preach this weekend. It has been three weeks and I am ready. I have been challenged more personally in the prep for this series than in anything we have done to this point. I believe that if God is challenging me, he may challenge you as well. We are looking into the "Upside Down Way of God".

If you are pretty satisfied with where you are spiritually, where you are in life, you may want to stay home for the next few weeks. Seriously, this is a five week series that could have radical implications in your life. If we go beyond hearing into the realm of obedience, I think some of us will look back at July 2008 as a turning point in our journey with Christ.

Each week will culminate in communion as we remember that Jesus embodies the Upside Down Way of God.

Don't be the one that punks out on church this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Paradox, paradox, paradox! Sounds good man. Can't wait!

[b]rad said...

Great message yesterday, however, if I'm being honest, very hard to swallow. You've pointed out a very large elephant that I have tried to avoid for a while. Thank you for addressing issues that challenge me to put my entire life in check and thus allow me to better serve others.

I also appreciate your honesty and transparency.

Chad Bowers said...

Hey, cool, will these be on the podcast?

Chad Bowers said...

Hey, are these gonna be on podcast?

Levi said...

yep, the first one should be up already. If not, you can listen to it a under the media tab.