Sunday, July 13, 2008

Major announcement: Catalyst is Moving in August!

If you missed church today you missed a huge announcement. Catalyst will be moving into the Cinemark movie theater at the Harbor in Rockwall. Hopefully the first service happen on Aug. 3rd, and it will be a "test" service for our church family. We will invite friends the following week after we have worked out the kinks.

I want to break down the reasons for the move and share some needs that we will have.

Reasons: these are in somewhat random order.
  • The NFL is going to be starting up soon. The 2:00 p.m. time slot will be a death sentence during the football season. Since we are a church that desires to connect with people that don't go to church, it makes sense that we give them a fair chance to actually come. Most guys in dallas are sitting in an EZ chair eating some nachos and driking a beer at 2:00 Sunday afternoon. Those are the guys we want to come to Catalyst. Don't misintepret this as us saying that football is more important than God, that would be missing the point entirely.
  • Stillwater Community Church (where we are currently meeting) is going to be doing renovations begining in August. This would be a major inconvenience for us.
  • 2:00 p.m. is hard a families with small children. Prime time for naps is sometime between leaving the house at 1:30 and arriving home at 3:30 after our service. This should be good for families with small kids.
  • 2:00 splits the day. It is hard to get anything done before or after the service.
  • A Theater definitely fits our style/vibe better than the church we are in now.
  • It exposes our church to folks in Rockwall that have no idea we exist.
  • A theater is a common place for people to go, it should be easier to invite our friends to church.
  • The Cinemark at the Harbor is a well knows Theater. Everyone that lives in Rockwall and Rowlett knows where it is without giving directions.
  • Our church building will most likely come to completion just before Christmas.
  • We can't spin our wheels until Christmas. We believe God wants us to grow during this time, not just twiddle our thumbs.
What we will need:
  • We will need people to sign up to help with set-up and tear down. For a variety of reasons that I can't post here, it will be a fairly easy process, BUT we still need several sets of hands to pull it off.
  • We will need people to join our welcome wagon. We have one chance to make a first impression. We need to amp up our greeting in a major way.
  • We need two people to step up in a huge way.
  1. We need someone that will lead, train, and oversee the set-up and tear down. This needs to be a person that can delegate, and motivate. This cannot be a person that will try to do everything on their own. Someone that likes to do the behind the scenes work would be great. We will have diagrams of each room, lists of where signs go, etc... A lot of leg work will be done ahead of time. We need someone to oversee this area so Sprang and I can continue to pour time into vision, prep, and relationships. If you think this may be you, call me and we can grab a bite and dream of ways to make set-up and tear-down a ministry that is so dynamic people actually look forward to getting up extra early.
  2. We need someone with a passion for hospitality. We need someone to oversee a group that will greet people with a smile and serve up coffee and doughnuts with nothing less than a holy passion to make people feel at home. We need someone that will train others to realize the importance of a warm greeting. (I have a habit of going to other churches just to check them out, today when I showed up to the door as a first time guest, the greeter was literally turned around talking with friends and I almost had to push by them to get in the door, THIS CANNOT HAPPEN AT CATALYST!) We have money budgeted for someone creative ideas someone has for this ministry. If you think you may be the person, give me a call, I will buy you anything you want at Starbucks as we see if this may be your sweet spot.
Sorry for the eternal post, but we have lots to to do in the next few weeks. We really need God to raise up two leaders, pray that this would happen quickly.

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