Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Morning Mind Dump

I want write a weekly blog called, "Sunday Night Mind Dump" reflecting on that day, but I was too tired last night. This week will be a Monday Morning Mind dump.

  • I was pumped to be preaching again. The time off was nice, but I was ready to preach yesterday.
  • I learned through the One Prayer series that our people connect with humor. I had intentionally avoided trying to come off as "funny". I felt freedom to simply be who I am, if that is funny, so be it. It is fun to laugh while preaching.
  • I figured out that we had lots of people in the middle and high school band while they were growing up. They remembered competing for "chairs"
  • It was fun to have a full house on a Holiday weekend. We were 3 away from our record Easter attendance. Heck yeah, baby!
  • We have a big decision and possibly some big news on the horizon. Can't let the cat out of the bag now, but there is some exciting stuff on the horizon.
  • Went to Tokyo One restaurant last night. It was an all you can eat Sushi buffet. They had lots of different food. It was incredible, and expensive. I was so full, I did not eat breakfast this morning. I will post an entire blog later about this dinner.
  • Heather and I left the kids with a sitter for 5 hours. I love our kids but I also love alone time with my wife.
  • My sinuses have been driving me nuts. I think God added and extra snot producing component to my body.
  • Catalyst is in for a treat in this series. Brother Sprang is going to bust out the Word a couple of times.

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