Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning Recap

  • Yesterday was a GREAT day.
  • Music was excellent. We did some slower songs, which I enjoyed. It looked like people were worshiping even though they did not know a couple of the newer songs.
  • Great crowd. Nearly 60 people with 4 families out of town. We did have several out of town guests that evened things out.
  • People seem pumped about the move to the Theater.
  • We made a huge oversight, we forgot to put in print the time the service will begin. We will send many emails and a post card to make sure our people know that the service will begin at 9:45 a.m.
  • Went to the Wet Zone water park with the kids yesterday afternoon. That was a lot of fun. Addy likes the pool, Keegan loves it. He has no fear.
  • Ate at Which Wich yesterday. Great sandwiches, excellent flavor. Only downside is that Heather and I honestly would not be able to split a sandwich and feel satsisfied.
  • The pool wore the kids out. Heather called and said Addy slept until 10 this morning.
  • Can't wait until Sunday. I am completely pumped about the move to the theater.
  • One of our older atendees said, "you may outgrow the building we are building before you ever move in" . That would be a great problem to have.
  • This should be a crazy busy week!

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