Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Recap of Sunday

  • Got up early and went to a church across town. These guys are buddies of mine. The crowd was dead. The music was good and the pastor was dead on and the people looked like zombies. It was weird.
  • We had a great crowd at church. 57 which is great for meeting at 2:00 p.m. in the middle of July.
  • Next weekend is our last Sunday at Stillwater Community Church. I love Pastor Kurt and his people, but I am SO ready to move into the theater.
  • I went to see Dark Night again and kept thinking about how cool it will be to have church in a movie theater.
  • Sprang did a great job speaking yesterday. He put a lot of time in the prep and it showed.
  • The sound was back on track this weekend. We actually figured out what was causing the weird reverb the week before. Andrew the sound guy was Johnny on the Spot this week.
  • This post scared the crap out of me. This dude planted a church 10 years ago and is moving to the Vegas Strip to start over from scratch. That straight up scares the mess out of me. I want to be here a long time and have no desire to start from scratch again.
  • This move to the theater is putting a few families in a bind. They have been worshipping in two churches because we have an afternoon service. I am praying with these families about where God wants them to land.
  • It was stinking hot yesterday. The poor a/c units at the church we are in, just don't cut it.

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