Friday, July 25, 2008

Roller Coaster Heaven

Yesterday, Heather and I went to Six Flags with our friends Brendan and Caitlin. We started out the day by riding a "warm-up" ride. Some kind of a bobsled coaster thing. It was fairly boring so we headed over to the Titan. It is a t0p 5 American Roller Coaster in a lot of polls.

There was literally no line. I wish I had a camera yesterday. You could walk right onto the coaster at certain places on the train. I never ride up front on coasters because the line is usually extra long. Yesterday, there were only five duos ahead of us so Heather and I rode in the very front spot of the coaster. It was unbelievable, the first drop was absolutely amazing. There is a video here of the perspective we had.

We circled around and rode it again because there was not much of a line. Then we went to the Texas Giant (Number 1 wooden roller coaster in 1999) and sat in the very back car. Very bad choice. It was like getting beat up the entire ride. Brendan is actually still sore today. This Video looks like it was shot from the seat we were in. You can see how jerky it is. I thought I was going to need a doctor visit after it ended.

Brendan and I weren'tt feeling so good after that so we found some shade and ice water to cool down. After a few minutes we sought some AC and a saw the goofiest show in the world. It was horrible and one of the actors split is pants during show. That was the best part.

Then we were off to the "Roaring Rapids" Heather and I were completely dry until the last rapid section and it SOAKED our backsides. We were off to the batman ride, but it didn't work out and it was time to head home. It was a good day and the first time we have been to Six Flags without the kids, which was nice for a change. I felt like I needed to ride the kiddie train because that is about all I rode last year with Addy.

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