Monday, July 28, 2008

Running again!

A few weeks ago something strange happened in my lower leg during a morning run. It was just below my calf around the top of my achillees tendon. It hurt like crazy and I knew immediatley that it would need significant rest if I wanted it to heal properly.

I went on a test run this morning and things went well. The last few weeks have been so hot, I could not bring myself to run in the afternoon or the evenings. One day last week the temperateure was still at 98 degrees at 9:30 p.m.

This morning at 6:30, it was relatively cool. I ran with a bottle of water and listened to a sermon from Northpoint Church in Atlanta, GA. It was a powerful story of Forgivness. It seems like every time I hear a message on forgiveness, God speaks to me about a relationship that needs work. It is funny because I don't walk through each day hating anyone or even thinking about a grudge I am holding, but nearly everytime I hear a message on this topic, God reveals something to be done. I will wrestle with this as I pray about the next steps to take.

I hope to develop a routine of running, cycling, and swimming. This should keep me from getting bored and allow my body to recover from the runs that can be pretty rough on the joints.

If you are looking for a "cool" part of the day, I highly recommend the early hours of the day.