Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Silky Smooth

So I went into Great Clips for a haircut, mind you my hair is about a 1/2 inch long to begin with. I tell her to shave it down with no guard. So off she goes, gets it all shaved down, just a little stubble left.

Then she pulls out he hairdryer to blow away all the little hair clippings, and I think I am nearly done. Usually, they try to get me out of the chair in about 60 seconds. Then the lady pulls out another blade for the clippers, and shaves it down some more. Again, I think the haircut is over, WRONG again. She pulls out the neck trimmers and goes to town on my scalp. It was a sweet haircut that took 15-20 minutes. She got a sweet tip!

Here is the final result:

1 comment:

runningtoe said...

Levi...they missed a spot...right below your lip there.