Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday Night Mind Dump

  • Today was weird. I have made the comment before that when demons are thrown out of people they land in church sound/video equipment. I think we had a few today.
  • The computer decided to stop displaying the scripture as I was reading it today. Luckily I did not know this happened until after the service.
  • I got up to make a major anouncement and there was a crazy echo effect on my mic. I don't mean a little echo, by a MAJOR echo. It really threw me off. You feel like a clown standing in front of a group of people with each word repeating two or three times as you talk. If I am completely honest, it hacked me off in a major way. The weird part about it was that the sound guy did the most drastic thing he could do and completely unplugged the effects component from the sound board. There is no reason the echo should have stayed around. Understand that it was not his fault. Something crazy happened in that system today.
  • I made the decision, because we are in a tiny room, to preach without the mic so I could stand at the lower level, I had a major object lesson component that would not work if I was trying to hold a microphone in one hand. It sucked the life out of me. It just wears me out talking loudly for an extended period of time.
  • It was 102 degrees today and the church we are renting has two residential a/c units to cool the place.
  • I was literally dripping sweat and wiping sweat out of my eyes as I preached. Not ideal.
  • I felt like God gave me an incredible message and I did not "nail it" because I was battling huge amounts of frustration the entire day.
  • I am so ready to move out of this church. I love Pastor Kurt and his people, but honestly I am frustrated beyond belief with having to to trust somebody else's equipment when it doesn't seem to work consistently. We demand a lot more of their sound system with our style of music than they do.
  • I could do the "Pastor" thing and leave out the frustrations of the day and put only the nice churchy stuff, but I'm crazy enough to be honest.
  • Very cool that my family was here. My In-laws and sister in law and niece were at church today, it cool to have them there.
  • The music was awesome before the demon invaded the sound system. Sprang continues to do a great job.
  • We had two guest musicians today, Samuel Holder, an electrical guitarist from Cornerstone Rockwall did a great job as did Dillon on the drums.
  • I think God really helped people today, it is a great reminder that God is so much bigger than a preacher or sound system. I could tell people were challenged to continue giving some struggles to Him today.
  • You guys are in for a treat next week, I won't tell you what it is, you will have to be here.

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