Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Yep, $16.25 will buy a lot of things. It will buy 8 grande cups of coffee at Starbucks. It will buy a couple of decent lunches. Two Double Daves Buffetts, like 10 Cici's buffetts, some Chinese food, a dvd, a paperback book, you get the picture.

It was also the amount needed to pay the fine I had at the Dallas Theological Seminary for overdue library books. I turned the books back in a long time ago, but never paid the fine. As we are heading into a study in James, I wanted some more books and the time had come to pay the stupid fine.

I say stupid, because I knew I was racking up the fine earlier this Spring, but never made the time to drive to Dallas and turn the books in. I made sure I knew how to renew the books online before I left campus. Easy way to keep them a little longer. I hereby commit to never amassing a $16 library fine again.

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