Friday, August 15, 2008

Crazy Birthday...

Here is how my birthday went down:
  • Got up and started throwing away all the broken printers I bought a couple of months ago. Salvaged some parts off most of them that will go on ebay this week.
  • Went to Chiloso for breakfast tacos, got there 5 minutes too late and got denied. Boo!
  • Went to Chickfila and ate a crazy early lunch. I kept looking at this guy that looked familiar. The problem was he looked like a guy I went to college with in East Tennessee 10 YEARS ago. I never do this but I walked up and asked if his name was Rich. It was, we did go to school together and he planted a church in Forney 3.5 years ago that is doing very well. We plan to keep in touch.
  • Came home and started working on the garage again after watching the olympics for a while.
  • Sometime in the morning Heather's friend Xuan called to see if we wanted to eat my birthday dinner at The Crescent in Dallas. He husband Juan is the chef there. So we dressed up, and went up to the 17th floor and ate an incredible meal while overlooking Dallas from 17 stories up with NO kids because Xuan offered to watch them. YEEEEES!
  • I had quail, soup, ribeye, and chocolate bread pudding. Everything was wonderful. The wait staff was the best I have ever seen as well.
  • We had planned to meet friends back in Rockwall for Ice Cream at 8:00. There was a wreck and it kept a bunch of us from getting there until 9:00.
  • I ate Coffee Lovers Ice Cream from Cold Stone and didn't even have to pay. Our friends Philip and Sarah sneakily paid for it.
  • We went outside and ate and talked until the kids got too cranky to be out any longer. I got several gift cards and the Ocean's 12 & 13 movies.
  • There was another wreck on the way home. It was a rough day for 1-30 in Rowlett yesterday. We called our friends who had not left yet and told them to take an alternate route home.
  • I came home and opened cards, most of which had $$$ in them. I am trying to figure out what to do with the money. I am trolling craigslist for another Mountain Bike, we will see what happens.
  • It was a great day.


Chad Bowers said...

Which church in Forney 3.5 yrs ago, sounds like it might be Covenant Generations.

HeatherLow said...

Thanks for all your hard looks great!!

Chad Bowers said...

Forney church for 3.5 yrs? Sounds suspiciously like Covenant Generations.

Levi said...

You my friend are correct! It is indeed Covenant Generations. You should be a detective if Steel Detailing doesn't pan out for you.

Chad Bowers said...

That church is in our neighborhood, I remember when they formed and started meeting in Katie's old elementary school. But now I see they are building a new building right next to the school.
Small world. I do have investigative skills, that shall be my backup career.