Saturday, August 30, 2008

Easy Saturday

Today was pretty laid back. Nothing pressing or stressful.
  • I had a preseason referee meeting from 9-10:30.
  • Met Heather at the Library where she tutored, and took the kids to the park where I sweated like a hog.
  • Ran to Sam's Club to buy some stuff.
  • Brought the kids home for a nap.
  • Listed some stuff on Ebay.
  • Headed out for Luau Party with one of Heather's Mommy Groups. That was kinda crazy. There were probably 20 kids there under the age of 4. Lots of yelling.
  • Came home, put the kids in the bath, and got em all cleaned up for church in the morning.
  • I blew dry Addy's hair. She has the prettiest Strawberry Blonde hair.
  • Surfed the net for a few minutes, and am heading to bed.

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