Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Met with Sprang yesterday to remind both of us that we need rest. The last few weeks have been insanely crazy for both of us and especially for Sprang. Of course we hear the joke that pastors only work one day a week, but we have had a lot on our plates, both with the church and on a personal level.

The Sprangs have moved out of an apartment, loaded all their crap in a pod, moved in with in-laws, hosted company, closed on a house, unloaded pod, hosted another set of company, set up house, moved everything into kitchen so they could get floors and carpet, moved the rest of the house in from the garage, fixed a bunch of little things you have to fix when you buy a house, and in the midst of all this he has preached twice, and done a ton of work to make the transition to the theater as smooth as possible.

Things are not slowing down either. There are series to be planned, movies to be shown, outside band gigs to be played, etc...

All this to say that Sprang and I are going to bust our buns to get our work done early this week and take two days off each of the next couple of weeks. It is not healthy for us to continue to work 7 days a week and well over 65 hours. Sure, there are times when the load is heavier than others and we are not afraid of hard work, but scripture prescribes a Sabath rest. Sometimes the best thing we can do for the church is remember to rest.

I am keenly aware there are people that work at this frenetic pace their entire careers. That is truly a shame. I take no pride in telling someone that I worked 60 hours in a week, because that means the three most important people in my life are sitting at home without a dad or husband.

We have asked a lot of a few volunteers at church as well who have busy lives outside of church. So to those who have given above and beyond, we say thanks, and we will not be tapping you on the shoulder for extra projects for a while.

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