Friday, August 8, 2008

More Quick Hits

  • Got the van back. But not after an intense discussion involving the promised 12 month/12,000 mile warranty. It was not pretty.
  • The cruise control is not working on the van and the steering is making a weird sound. UHH!
  • Good to have the van back. Hopefully it will run for another 4 years or so.
  • Heather got offered the job at the Community College. Kinda got offered a job. They LOVED her and told her to develop classes and they would post them. She is an amazing teacher. Her reviews from administrator's always came back very high. Usually much higher than her other grade level teachers.
  • It has been a busy week. The message for this week is weird to prepare. We are covering a topic instead of a portion of scripture. Topical preaching is not my cup of tea but a legitimate form of preaching.
  • I am excited about the end product. I think it will be very practical.
  • Went to the circus last night. It was crazy good. The Ringling Brothers circus is the best, HANDS DOWN! Two hours of pure entertainement.
  • Heather got our group $30 for $7 each. We were on the lower level. We are NEVER on the lower level for anything.
  • Bello, the main clown, was amazing. I looked up his salary this morning. It is amazing as well, coming in at $600,000 per year. I would honestly say that he would not be overpaid at $1 million.
  • Running errands today and tying up some loose ends.
  • Today is my Dad's birthday. Would love to be with him. Distance is the hardest part for our family being in TX. We are so far from relatives, but are grateful for the family God has given us in TX in the form of neighbors and friends.

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